Transportation Benefits

Bike Parking

Secure bike parking, so that employees may safely ride a bike to work.

Telework Policy

Work from home policies cut down how often employees travel to work


Sponsor Ridematching (e.g. STRNC). Employees ride to work with others

Transit Pass

Or other incentives that encourage employees to use mass transit options


Sponsor a carpool or vanpool. Employees ride to work together.

On-site Lockers

Store gear employees may use to commute.

On-site Showers

Make it easier to walk or bike to work

On-site Childcare

Greater flexibility for other important trips

Emergency Ride Home

Guaranteed ride home in an emergency.

Bike Share Facilities

Share bikes between employees.

Easy Access to Alternate Commute Modes

Readily accessible alternate commute modes nearby

Flexible Work Week

Employees commute when it works for them

Promotes Commute Friendly NC

Advertises or promotes our program to other employers

Offering any combination of these Transportation Benefits will qualify your business for Commute Friendly NC