About the Program

Commute Friendly NC is a statewide recognition program that offers a simple and accessible structure to celebrate the leadership of businesses and organizations, that support  alternative commute modes, such as telework, carpool,  public transit, biking, flexible work week and more. 

Commute Friendly NC is the result of several years of  partnership amongst the following partners- Land of Sky Regional Council, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), GoCoast, Sustain Charlotte, GoDurham, GoRaleigh, Town of Chapel Hill and GoTriangle. This collaborative effort is led by Central Pines Regional Council.

Our partners are available to help your business or organization find the mix of transportation benefits that work for you.

This Program is funded by NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT), through the Triangle Transportation Choices Grant

We are pleased to open applications to any employer across the state of North Carolina!

Level of Designation
Bronze Level Participant
Silver Level Participants
Gold Level Participants

Commute Friendly NC hISTORY

Commute Friendly NC is a statewide program modeled after the Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) program. BWC is a national  program that provides employers with national recognition for offering outstanding commuter benefits. It is an annual fee-based membership program.  

Triangle Transportation Choices has promoted BWC since 2007, housed at Central Pines Regional Council. BWC encourages encourages membership by offering public recognition, technical assistance, training, web-based tools, and forums for information exchange. 

Over time it became apparent that BWC’s annual fee of several hundred dollars a year is a major barrier to participation, especially for smaller businesses. Also, the single designation system of BWC made it daunting for employers who wished to progressively increase the benefits they offer to their employees. While BWC is an excellent option for businesses who do not face these challenges, Commute Friendly NC aims to be an inclusive program to complement it.

Commute Friendly NC has three recognition tiers and no cost of entry to support a diverse cohort of participants. The 2021 Chapel Hill pilot program featured organizations of all sizes, specialties, and level of commuter benefits