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Spotlight: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Chapel Hill)

Transportation Management Plans (TMP) are one of the documents submitted by a property owner in the Town of Chapel Hill when requesting a special use permit (SUP).  The Town deploys TMPs as a key strategy to lower single occupancy vehicular traffic by promoting and supporting alternative options such as biking, walking and transit. This in turn also helps the Town to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church submitted its TMP plans to the Town in 2006. Upon approval, it appointed a Transportation Champion to promote alternative transportation amongts its staff as well as congregants.  The Champion and the church have made continuous efforts since then in terms of  infrastructual improvements and promotions to promote alternate commute. As a result, more than ten years later, the Church proudly attained the highest level of recognition during the the Town’s pilot testing of  Commute Friendly program in fall 2020. 

The pictures on the right show Pastor Mark Coulter with his bike. He  currently serves as the TMP champion for the church. 

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